Celebrating National Poetry Month

Celebrating National Poetry Month

For 50 years, Copper Canyon Press has been operating as an independent publisher dedicated to poetry. Our nonprofit status enables and requires us to place art above profit, and creative freedom above the whims of the marketplace. We are able to publish in the name of aesthetic excellence and cultural relevance specifically because you and other visionary community members share these values—essential to a healthy climate for the arts. Not unlike independent record companies and public radio stations, we rely on the support of donors like you who believe that poetry is vital to language and living. 

We thank you for your generous support throughout the years and invite you to contribute towards a new season of books by these exceptional authors: Natalie Eilbert, Jorie Graham, Amanda Gunn, Deborah Landau, Randall Mann, Dean Rader, and Paisley Rekdal. Your donation directly supports the publication and distribution of our new titles. Thank you for your commitment to poetry and to Copper Canyon Press. Please donate today.

With your donation of $50, you can get one of these four new titles:

  • Overland by Natalie Eilbert
  • Things I Didn’t Do with This Body by Amanda Gunn
  • Skeletons by Deborah Landau
  • Deal: New and Selected Poems by Randall Mann

$100 — select two of the four books listed above

$150 — receive all four books 

$200 — receive West: A Translation by Paisley Rekdal and To 2040 by Jorie Graham

$500 — receive all six books plus Before the Borderless: Dialogues with the Art of Cy Twombley

About the Books

Overland — Natalie Eilbert invokes elegy and psalm in speaking to assault on the bodies of women and our planet. We emerge from these poems changed, having learned the truth of the words, “We lose / the world with deliberate focus.”

Things I Didn’t Do with This Body — This debut collection invites you to read with all of your senses. These poems are both tender and emotionally raw, weaving together explorations of family and history on a trail from elegy to prayer, from borrowed shame to self-acceptance.

Skeletons — Existentialism takes on a glamorous flair in this dazzling new collection by Deborah Landau. Through a series of poems preoccupied with loneliness and mortality, Skeletons flashes with prismatic effect across the persistent allure of the flesh.

Deal: New and Selected Poems — This collection includes poetry from five earlier volumes and expands with new works creating a collection that is erotic, mournful, and often satirical. In Deal, Mann confronts what it means to identify as multiracial and queer in urban America and moves us, word by word, until we arrive at a stark reality.

Before the Borderless: Dialogues with the Art of Cy Twombly — A visit to the Gagosian Gallery in New York to see Cy Twombly’s work led to a poem that became the genesis of this book. Themes of loss, fear, regret, and beauty reveal the embodiment of emotion and the aesthetics of possibility.

West: A Translation — This collection of poems and essays draws a powerful, necessary connection between the completion of America’s transcontinental railroad and the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882–1943. Punctuated by historical images and told through multiple voices, languages, literary forms, and documents, West explores what unites and divides America.

To 2040 — In these visionary new poems, Graham is part historian, part cartographer as she plots an apocalyptic world where rain must be translated, silence sings louder than speech, and wired birds parrot recordings of their extinct ancestors. In poems that look to 2040 as both future and event horizon, we leave the collection warned, infinitely wiser, and yet more attentively on edge.