You may have to break
your heart, but it isn’t nothing
to know even one moment alive.

—Ellen Bass, from “Any Common Desolation”

Dear Reader,

You and I know that poetry can awaken and inspire us, both personally and in the wider world. I’m writing to ask for your help in bringing poetry to as many readers as possible next year, with a gift to Copper Canyon Press.

Copper Canyon will publish my new book, Indigo, this spring. Many of these poems arose out of particularly rough years. I wrote them, in part, to discover what exists in the crossroads of suffering and beauty. This duality of pain and exquisite tenderness is at the heart of everything, if we can plumb it deeply enough.

But my book is only one of the poetry collections on its way to readers next year. Your donation to Copper Canyon Press will help publish Indigo and nine other poetry collections in 2020.

I hope that you will make your gift to Copper Canyon Press today. Because of you, ten poets, both emerging and deeply accomplished, will send their words out into the world this spring.

Thank you.

Ellen Bass
Author of Indigo, forthcoming spring 2020 from Copper Canyon Press

P.S. When you make a gift of $100 or more, you will receive a signed copy of Indigo—hot off the press in May 2020! Your generosity is deeply appreciated.