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David Huerta

David Huerta was born and lives in Mexico City. He is a poet, journalist, critic, essayist, translator, professor, and activist. In 2006, Huerta was awarded the Xavier Villarrutia Prize, Mexico's most prestigious literary award, for his book Version (1978, 2005) as well as for the totality of his poetic work. Among his other honors are the Diana Moreno Toscano Prize for Literary Promise (1971), two Guggenheim Fellowships (1978, 2005), and the Carlos Pellicer Prize (1990). He has been a member of the Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte since 2003, through which he has mentored many younger poets.

The author of nineteen books of poetry and the recipient of all of Mexico's major literary awards, David Huerta is one of the leading contemporary poets in Mexico. Before Saying Any of the Great Words is the first comprehensive bilingual edition of his work. "The main responsibility of a poet," Huerta said in an interview, "is to make language sufficiently transparent, so that through it we can see a few of the important things that are in the world and in life, and also in death."


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