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Legacy of Shadows, A
David Lee
$22.00 paperback
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Legacy of Shadows, A
Selected Poems
David Lee


A major retrospective of Utah's Poet Laureate, who was branded by a PBS-TV documentary as "The Pig Poet." Pigs, and the gentle-hearted redneck roustabout John, feature prominently in Lee's small-town universe, which is frequented by tragedy and near-tragedy, where transcendence most often arrives in the form of humor, whether ironic, self-deprecating, or ribald. Included are selections from Covenants, as well as the entirety of Driving and Drinking, The Porcine Legacy, The Porcine Canticles, Day's Work, and My Town.

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For Legacy of Shadows, A, David Lee

"Lee joins the ranks of Frost and Hayden Carruth as poets whose treatment of rural life in lines cast in genuine vernacular goes far beyond what we often mean by 'regional poetry.'"—The Year in Poetry, 1999

"The subjects and treatment are as earthy, profane, raucous, and also as appealing, as those of Chaucer's miller's and Wife of Bath's tales and, in contemporary literature, of Antoine's rants in the wonderful New England rural poems of David Budbill's Judevine."—Booklist

"Lee is one of a kind, a narrative poet (most often) writing in vernacular (most often) who is good, very good."—Open Books Newsletter

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