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Dear Life
Dennis O'Driscoll
$16.00 paperback
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Dear Life
Dennis O'Driscoll

Foreword by Seamus Heaney

O’Driscoll’s last book, which focuses largely on mortality in a consumerist world, seemingly foreshadows his own premature death on December 24, 2012. Having worked as an Irish civil servant for over thirty years, including twelve in the Death Duties office, O’Driscoll intimates the glorious, the mundane, and the gloriously mundane. He writes about idiots who forget to “switch the sun off,” lovers who collect romance the way a suicidal man collects rope, pills, and furtive plans, and suburbanites taking a last ride to the hospital. All this so that he can really tell us a little about ourselves. From God to global warming, apathy to spring to politics, his tone is critical without being abrasive, at times sarcastic, and always humorous as he gently reminds even the most stoic reader that life is meant to be lived.


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2013 Irish Times Poetry Now Award

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For Dear Life, Dennis O'Driscoll

"While [O'Driscoll's] poems seem to affirm that, linguistically, there is nothing new under the sun, that every phrase is a well-worn one, their insistent recycling [of language] calls on us to reassess the known, to rethink the implications of the language we use every day."—Fran Brearton, The Guardian

"Dear Life ... contains free and meditative poems about age and the only end of age; the poet characteristically plays with the jargon of the office in a way that sometimes seems like parody, but is just as often a straightforward reflection of how O’Driscoll saw the world."—from O'Driscoll's obituary in The Telegraph

"O'Driscoll’s conversational, trustworthy style, wry attention to contemporary life, and work on behalf of other poets, made him a widely beloved figure in Ireland."—Publishers Weekly

“Dennis O’Driscoll’s last book of poetry, Dear Life, is his finest, so honest and unadorned that it is painful reading, particularly for those who knew this gifted and dedicated man.” —The New Criterion

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