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Fourteen Poems
Oscar V de L. Milosz
$7.00 paperback
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Fourteen Poems
Oscar V de L. Milosz

O.V. de L. Milosz was a Lithuanian turned Frenchman. As translator Kenneth Rexroth notes in his introduction to this bilingual edition: "The poems I have given here are mostly early. They are simple, direct elegies, intensely personal... Their most outstanding special characteristic is an extreme delicacy of tone, a sentimental irony which is without hope but which is not without humor, the very genius of the common French speech... Milosz, with his foreign ear, caught [the complexities and overtones of French speech] and has transmitted them with all their bitter wisdom. So, a Lithuanian, he is in this regard more French than the French."

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For Fourteen Poems, Oscar V de L. Milosz

"A new hierarchy of merits will emerge, and I am convinced that Simone Weil and Oscar Milosz, writers in whose school I obediently studied, will receive their due."—Czeslaw Milosz, from his Nobel Lecture

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