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Throwing Shadows
Ken Gerner
$8.00 paperback
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Throwing Shadows
Ken Gerner

In his second book, Ken Gerner returns to explore a world in which history and mythology co-mingle with the present to become a part of our daily experience. Eschewing the flamboyant for the precise, Gerner permits his interior rhymes and flowing lines to accumulate, line by line, underscoring an intense love of simple life and place.  He is a poet of quiet discipline and enormous craft who learns, as we do, from the elemental, organic wisdom of verse.

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For Throwing Shadows, Ken Gerner

"Gerner is a deceptively simple poet: straightforward, precise, understated... His lyrics seem to flow naturally, unbidden like the streams and rivers he rides and praises. This is a subtle, quiet book—curiously refreshing."—Booklist

"For a first volume, this 'cycle of poems' is a fine one... Gerner has a definite lyric talent."—Choice

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