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Exiled in the Word
Jerome Rothenberg
$12.00 paperback
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Exiled in the Word
Jerome Rothenberg

Limited quantity available

Exiled in the Word presents an astonishing range of poems and other visions of the Jews from tribal times to the present, from the Torah to Tristan Tzara, from the Zohar to Louis Zukofsky. Drawing from a vast geography of languages and cultures, editors Jerome Rothenberg and Harris Lenowitz present visions of shamanistic survivals, magic rites and scenarios, visionary texts, and language works from early merkaba mystics and kabbalistic experimenters to Allen Ginsberg and Paul Celan. Illuminated by Rothenberg's running commentaries on sources, interpretations, and related material, this condensed version of A Big Jewish Book is a startling and innovative collage–a recovery of essential mysteries where language and vision, practice, creation, resistance, and exile intersect within the word.

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For Exiled in the Word, Jerome Rothenberg

"As a sourcebook for the reader seeking a way into the world of the Jewish poem, there is nothing else like it in English."—Parabola

"This condensed version of A Big Jewish Book makes a new statement to devotees of the original, and at one-third the size it is more accessible to new readers."—Library Journal

"The texts... help the reader see how poetry relates to the ways we experience and interact with the world in the most mundane and most elevated of human situations."—Small Press Review

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