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Country of Light
Joseph Stroud
$15.00 paperback
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Country of Light
Joseph Stroud

Joseph Stroud's fourth collection incorporates a variety of styles—the short lyric, the dramatic persona, the elegy, the ode, the narrative—to articulate a voyage through various places and times and voices. The book opens on a mountainside in the Andes, looking down on Machu Picchu, and ends in the voice of a 13th century Italian Renaissance painter, with many cultural stops along the way: a village in Andalusia and the house of the great Spanish poet, Antonio Machado, a cabin in the California Sierra Nevada, a plaza in Oaxaca, Mexico, a hillside overlooking Monterey Bay during the bombing of Afghanistan, and journeys through post-war Vietnam.

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For Country of Light, Joseph Stroud

"A book by Joseph Stroud is a rare and exciting event... Stroud's poetry forms a union between revelation and the places of the world we allow the poet to inhabit."—The Bloomsbury Review

"Stroud's omnivorous intellect coupled with his acute sensory awareness yields some truly striking poetry. His latest book, Country of Light, offers a diverse selection of such works... When Below Cold Mountain, Stroud's last book, came out in 1998, it earned him much attention. Now, with this erudite and eclectic fourth collection, it seems he has, once again, hit the mother lode."—Kansas City Star

"Even before being opened, some books of poetry have the weight and luster of precious gems. These books should be cradled and carried in both hands like a newly discovered treasure chest... Country of Light is such a book."—Home News Tribune

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