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In the Dark
Ruth Stone
$22.00 hardbound
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In the Dark  (hardbound)
Ruth Stone

Winner of the 2005 Paterson Award for Sustained Literary Achievement

In the follow-up to her National Book Award winning In the Next Galaxy, Ruth Stone returns to issues of memory, aging, and loss. Balancing her own personal history against profound political and cultural changes, she continues with direct witty poems which do not flinch when addressing issues of power and oppression. She has been called a "people's poet" and "America's Akhmatova," writing a poetry of everyday life which recasts the mundane as important and indispensable. When asked whether poets improve with age, Stone, 89, replied: "There's no question. If your brain goes on and on, as it should under normal conditions, there's more in it and your writing will get more profound."

(also available in paperback)
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2005 Paterson Award for Sustained Literary Achievement

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For In the Dark, Ruth Stone

"Stone appeals to the mind's eye and the physical ear... a clarion collection by a National Book Award-winning, and profoundly rewarding poet."—Booklist

"An aging poet's failing eyesight informs this collection of 94 new poems, some of which recall the spirit of Russian poet Anna Akhmatova. Dark but not hopeless, they spring from Stone's lucid inner vision, which is straightforward, musical, and defiant."—Utne

"Stone's gift to the reader is poetry that is clear, compact and compassionate... Surviving to near the close of her eighth decade, Stone naturally sees mortality as a recurring theme in her poetry. But the vision is not a monster. Rather, it is an opportunity to put her poetic skills unapologetically on display for the reader to marvel at metaphor meant to reveal."—Home News Tribune

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