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Separate Rose, The
Pablo Neruda
$14.00 paperback
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Separate Rose, The
Pablo Neruda

 A complete English translation of Pablo Neruda's La rosa separada (The Separate Rose) appears in a bilingual edition by noted Neruda translator William O'Daly

This is the first English translation of this poem sequence which grew out of a trip the Nobel laureate took to Easter Island in 1971, two years before his death. Alternating between "The Men" and "The Island," Neruda observes the latest remnants of the ancient world in direct opposition to the present. In this poem, Neruda comes closest to reconstructing our prehistoric connection with nature. In his translation, William O'Daly recreates the somber tones, incriminating surges and compassionate complaints, and the nearly ineffable joy found in the original.

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For Separate Rose, The, Pablo Neruda

"O'Daly brings to his work a thorough understanding of Neruda's methods and a deep sympathy for the poet's moods and aims, knowledge essential to sound literary translation...  ..La rosa separada represents Pablo Neruda at the peak of his art, and William O'Daly has done an important service by bringing it before American readers with such care. As with all Copper Canyon Press publications, The Separate Rose is a beautiful book, flawlessly designed and produced, a subtle tribute to the great poet."—The Bloomsbury Review

"A welcome addition to the growing canon of Neruda's work now available in English."— Library Journal

"Inspired by somber landscape [Easter Island], heartbroken but not hopeless, the poetry charts a path between despair and epiphany. This is pure Neruda at his prime, which is to say, incomparable."— Choice

"Neruda's lucid poems about his visit to Easter Island contrast the modern alienated condition with the traditional life in union with the universe."— Booklist

"A Separate Rose... has an essential unity and all-embracing scope."—Northwest Review

"The translations of William O'Daly preserve the energies of meaning in Neruda's poetry remarkably well."—Steven White, KLCC Radio Review

"Copper Canyon Press is one of the small press publishers that a library could well place a standing order for. Like a beautiful island itself, their books are much to be desired."—Sipapu

"The Separate Rose is a lovely book of poetry, sad and memorable, well made both inside and out. It is a poetry lover’s feast."—Spokane Chronicle

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