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Suitable Church, A
Jim Heynen
$10.00 hardbound
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Suitable Church, A
Jim Heynen

Limited quantity available

Jim Heynen's first major collection of poems, A Suitable Church, displayed a humor rare in contemporary poetry. The poems register Heynen's reverence for land and labor informed by many years of farm life.

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For Suitable Church, A, Jim Heynen

"Jim Heynen can be funny, or serious, or both at once; and he appeals to young and old. They stand in line like Oliver Twists after his readings, to catch a little more. And that porridge is good, nourishing, delicious. It sticks to your shaking ribs."—William Stafford

"Jim Heynen's poems have the ring of authenticity in their diction and images."—Denise Levertov

"It is not the mere recording in poetry of the objects of rural life that brings it alive and connects it to us, but the dynamic arrangement and weaving into the fabric of sensibility that gives it breath. Jim Heynen does this very well indeed."—Portland Review

"Poems of rural experience and of domesticity that contrive, with precision of observation, sturdiness of language, and surprising twists of thought, to present a vision of considerable delicacy and power."—The Malahat Review

"When Heynen is right, he is powerful, serious, moral and true."—Donald Hall, Iowa Review

"There is a loving openness throughout [A Suitable Church]... Heynen's poems are sensual, giving us sights and smells and sounds... A Suitable Church is a sensitive and warm poetry collection [and] Copper Canyon's fine production... complements the high standard of the poems."—Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"This is an outstanding book."—Sipapu

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