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Beauty of the Weapons, The
Robert Bringhurst
$10.00 paperback
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Beauty of the Weapons, The
Selected Poems 1972-82
Robert Bringhurst

Robert Bringhurst's first major US publication.

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Finalist, Governor General's Award for Literary Merit (Poetry)

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For Beauty of the Weapons, The, Robert Bringhurst

“Bringhurst combines equal parts of erudition and exuberance in these poems of mythic and intellectual history. In a sequence on the pre-Socratic philosophers, he describes them as ‘men who knew no distinctions between physicist, philosopher, biologist and poet, and who were, each in his own way, all in one.’ This appears to be an ideal to which Bringhurst aspires—to return knowledge to its original purity. Besides the pre-Socratics, he explores the minds of the ancient Hebrews, Greeks and Egyptians as well as that of a 19th century Coast Salish Indian named Tzuhalem. Whether speaking of them or through them, Bringhurst writes with a natural and musical authority—he comments in a prefatory note that ‘most of the poems are products more of oral composition than of writing.’ ”—Publishers Weekly

“A sense of shared responsibility and shared fate burns through this book.”—The New York Times Book Review

“Marked by sharpness, vigor and a timeless quality, this collection constitutes a welcome introduction for US readers to this Canadian poet.”—Publishers Weekly

“[Bringhurst] is one of a very small cadre of poets who write with intellectual passion, objectivity, and with high skill. His precision is both musical and philosophical, his eye sharp and his ear alert.”—Guy Davenport

“Canadian poet Bringhurst has been largely overlooked in the US, but this major collection will be an eye-opening revelation... These poems rise from sophisticated mental constructs, yet they are both direct and passionate.”—Bloomsbury Review

“A sense of shared responsibility and shared fate burns through this book... [The Beauty of the Weapons] finds its voice in poems where the literal offers his imagination some resistance... The tension insures that the poems and their vision are hard won.”—Jorie Graham, New York Times Book Review

“Bringhurst is a remarkable poet—really powerful.”—Joyce Carol Oates

“It is refreshing to come upon a poet who looks outward to the world and draws strength for his vision from the hardness of nature itself.”—Library Journal

“Bringhurst’s poetry has intellectual depth, sharpness of image and phrase, and a fine realization of the musical possibilities of the language.”—Raymond Smith, The Ontario Review [Canada]

“The extraordinary thing about Robert Bringhurst is that he really knows how to see. And he takes his seeing seriously: seeing is his way of thinking, of knowing, of being.”—William Meads, Kayak

“This extraordinary work may be the poetry of genius.”—William Arrowsmith

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