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Like Underground Water
Edward Lueders
$15.00 paperback
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Like Underground Water  (paperback)
The Poetry of Mid-Twentieth Century Japan
Edward Lueders

This is the first comprehensive anthology of post-World War II Japanese poetry. The poems trace the introduction and influence of western traditions such as symbolism, surrealism, Beat poetry and advances made by women poets, as well as presenting a deep response to Japan's darkest moments and the remarkable regenerative powers of its postwar poets.

(also available in hardbound)
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For Like Underground Water, Edward Lueders

"Lueders' anthology is a major coup... This great sampling of poets and poetic styles is united here with an excellent, historically-based introduction. This book is significant for its comprehensive look at this century through Japanese eyes, for its well-thought-out format, and for the quality and accessibility of the translations."Booklist

"This handsome volume presents lucid translations of eighty-one Japanese poets... A short review cannot do justice to the vivid imagery, humor and poignancy of so many poets. Put this on your shelf to drink from again and again."The Harvard Review

"[An] overflowing wealth of creativity... emerges in this fine anthology."—Asahi Evening News

"[Naoshi Koriyama and] Edward Lueders give contemporary Japanese poetry increased accessibility with brilliant English translations in Like Underground Water... Love of word and image... are vibrantly conveyed in these translations."—Continuum

"Like Underground Water is an incredibly rich and remarkable collection that uplifts its readers while broadening their minds to myriad possibilities contained in the human spirit."—Japanophile

"How straightforward, beautiful and moving the writing is... Even without the vast riches of the Japanese language, these are enjoyable and enriching works to read... Anyone interested in poetry might be pleased to own the volume... The opportunity to meet a splendid array of poets previously unavailable to us should not be missed.”—Pacific Reader

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