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Ezekiel's Wheels
Shirley Kaufman
$14.00 paperback
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Ezekiel's Wheels
Shirley Kaufman

Shirley Kaufman utilizes enigmatic symbolism from the Book of Ezekiel as she writes into the themes of exile and emigration that have marked her work since she left the United States for Israel thirty-six years ago. Her new poems attempt to bring meaning to the unrelenting passage of human life, the risks of artistic endeavors, and her own struggle with the loss of sight and of memory. After nearly four decades of writing and publishing, Kaufman maintains a lightness of touch even while her poetry takes on an increased awareness of danger and urgency.

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2010 Paterson Award for Literary Excellence

Finalist for the National Jewish Book Award

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For Ezekiel's Wheels, Shirley Kaufman

"Like Redon [the artist whose work is on the cover of this book], expressing the terrors of fever-ridden dreams a century or more ago, Kaufman explores the internal feelings of her physical and mental decline with startling and brave honesty. Like Redon, Kaufman is representing the ghosts of her own mind."—

"Progressive, passionate, and unfailingly feminist, Kaufman is a breathtakingly fine poet."—The Nation

"Kaufman approaches Jerusalem's bitter memories, contested histories and joyous unfoldings with a wary love."Publishers Weekly

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