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The Essential W.S. Merwin
W.S. Merwin
$18.00 paperback
Out of stock
The Essential W.S. Merwin
W.S. Merwin

Essential means this selection from W.S. Merwin’s vast oeuvre represents the poems readers cherishtoday, tomorrow, and in 100 years. This deeply considered, incisive, and slender collection draws only the best of the best from the thousands of poems Merwin published over his sixty-year career. A teeming, resonate, exuberant testament to the work of a rare poet who won two Pulitzer Prizes.

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For The Essential W.S. Merwin, W.S. Merwin

Poring slowly over these pages—essential as they are—just might be the wisest prescriptive, balm for the soul, in the wake of the poet’s final absence." —Chicago Tribune

Merwin’s masterfully refined, meditative poems stem from his dwelling mindfully in one beloved place and handling words as though they are seeds, flowers, stones, and water… Merwin has attained a transcendent and transformative elevation of beaming perception, exquisite balance, and clarifying beauty.”—Booklist, starred review

“A reader cannot avoid feeling a sense of legacy in cracking the covers of The Essential W. S. Merwin: the title alone exposes what readers of Merwin’s work have known for decades, that this is important work, that Merwin’s words are the bearers of effect” —Bruce Arien Wasserman, The New York Journal of Books

"In his personal anonymity, his strict individuated manner, his defense of the earth, and his heartache at time's passing, Merwin has become instantly recognizable on the page."—Helen Vendler, The New York Review of Books

"W.S. Merwin's legacy is unquestionably secure: his best and most fierce poems are moody, visionary compositions that dive into the unconscious and the seeds of existence with an inwardness and scrutiny unique in American poetry."—Poetry

"The Essential Merwin (Copper Canyon) beautifully demonstrates why Merwin has been one of America’s most decorated and important poets for more than 60 years” —Elizabeth Lund, The Washington Post

“Simple astonishment, one of the rarest of all literary experiences, is the most potent outcome; in Merwin’s best poems, he seems brought up short by his own discoveries” — Dan Chiasson, The New Yorker

“Merwin sees the world as fallen, or falling, yet through this chaos he sees the divine” —The Paris Review


"Merwin [is] fresh and awake with a simplicity that can only be called wisdom."—Publishers Weekly, starred review

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