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Space, in Chains
Laura Kasischke
$16.00 paperback
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Space, in Chains
Laura Kasischke

Space, in Chains speaks in ghostly voices, fractured narratives, songs, prayers, and dark riddles as it moves through contemporary tragedies of grief and the complex succession of generations. In her eighth book of poetry, Laura Kasischke has pared the construction of her verse to its bones, leaving haunting language and a visceral strangeness of imagery. By turns mournful and celebratory, Kasischke's poetry insists upon asking hard questions that are courageously left unanswered.




Barnes & Noble Nook Edition

Space, In Chains - Laura Kasischke

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National Book Critics Circle Award Winner

Balcones Prize finalist

A Lannan Literary Selection

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For Space, in Chains, Laura Kasischke




  • New York Times "100 Notable Books" 






  • National Book Critics Circle Award Winner






  • “Best of the Year” in Publishers Weekly






  • “Best of the Year” in Library Journal 



    “A formally inventive work that speaks to the horrors and delights of ordinary life in an utterly original way.” —National Book Critics Circle Award Judges’ Citation

    “Frightening in its confrontations with death—that of a father and, eventually, of everything—Kasischke’s new work is also ambitiously exhilarating: everything in life and literature, it seems, could come before her eye, could end up in a poem.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

    “No poet has tried so hard to cut through suburban American illusion while respecting the lives, young and old, that it nurtures or saves. No poet has joined the chasm of ontological despair to the pathos of household frustration so well as Kasischke at her best, and she is—though eerie, though willing to let threads dangle, though looser in the poems’ weave than she has been—at her best often with Space, in Chains.” —New York Times Book Review

    "Kasischke keeps a watchful eye on parents and loved ones, as if she wants to protect their days but can't. Every poem is exquisitely crafted, with crisp, clean lines and imagery that dazzles." —The Washington Post Book World

    “Kasischke writes open-formed language poems set in the place where paradox meets mystery. She pursues a stream-of-consciousness style, using rhyme, repetition, and subliminal connections to hook the reader. Often her pieces seem more like paintings than poems; like impressionist works of art, they allow light to shine from various portals, then bring it all together to create a misty composition whose meanings seem to change before the reader’s eyes.” —Library Journal

    "The future will not—should not—see us by one poet alone. But if there is any justice in that future, Kasischke is one of the poets it will choose."—Boston Review

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