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James Galvin
$9.00 paperback
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James Galvin

Elements, Galvin's third volume of poetry, is aptly titled: Galvin's concerns are indeed elementala world in which

The real river flows under the river. 

The real river flows

Over the river. 

Three fishermen in yellow slickers

Stitch in and out of the willows

His wisdom arises from the particularities of life in the Rocky Mountain West, and is itself temporal, in flux, elemental.

In Galvin's poems, landscape is a mirror which reflects the architecture of the spirit's struggle to comprehend and embrace the beauty of temporality. His thinking is of a kind found only in rigorous daily discipline: making his home in the Mountain West, he understands just how decisions others may take for granted often result in matters of life and death.

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For Elements, James Galvin

"Elements seems to begin to breathe of its own accord, which is a tribute to the mastery of the poet, this book's life-giver. Galvin proves he is already one of America's greater contemporary poets; do not pass Elements up!"Glenn Sheldon, Small Press Review

"The language, like much of Levertov's, wants to be as elemental as the acts it describes and the places where they occur, seeking for an essence without embellishment, all it essentially is (which is always a great deal) but never more than that."—American Poetry Review

"Galvin's word work is extraordinary and his structure hard and intellectually clean. He attempts much and succeeds. The poems stimulate, startle, and sometimes show off."—Small Press

"While celebrating the cycles and rhythms of an incredibly lovely western landscape, Galvin presents us a poetry of frightening uncertainties."—Western American Literature

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