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Olga Broumas
$28.00 hardbound
Out of stock
Rave  (hardbound)
Poems, 1975-1998
Olga Broumas

Collecting Broumas's poems from two decades of celebrated work, Rave offers a definitive assessment of a unique voice in American poetry. Broumas is a poet of Eros in every aspect. Born in Syros, Crete, she follows in the ancient Greek Sapphic tradition, while creating an entirely modern poetry. Additionally influenced by her practice as a teacher, masseuse, and musician, she has created a poetry of the body and of ecstasy, celebration, and healing.

(also available in paperback)
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Winner of the 2000 Lambda Award for Lesbian Poetry

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For Rave, Olga Broumas

"A stunning collection... Whether Broumas raves with bliss or anger, she never lightens the lash of her intellect or dilutes her lyricism, compassion, or sense of the sacred."—Booklist

"This collected volume by Broumas shows a poet of significant talent working at full force."—The Year in Poetry, 1999

"Broumas's body of work to date... will stand as a unique and indelible contribution to American poetry."—The Women's Review of Books

"[Broumas's] poems flow in easy, natural rhythms, allowing myriad details to fall together in harmonious company."—Library Journal

"Few women poets can change the power of a poetic text in the manner of Olga Broumas. In the 20 years since her groundbreaking Yale Prize book, Beginning With O, she has continued to achieve some of the highest states of poetic truth... Broumas has woven a universal lyric for all women. This is a major collection."—Ray Gonzalez, Bloomsbury Review

"… a poet of high lyricism, steeped in the Sapphic tradition... Broumas's poems have never failed to be, in her own words, 'nostalgic for salty idiom'."—Christina Pugh, Boston Review

"… this collected volume by Broumas shows a poet of significant talent working at full force."—Contemporary Literary Criticism

"Broumas is one of the great modernist, feminist, lesbian voices today... Her poetry is built on immediate signs of the secret and sacred, drawn from the world of visual and physical beauty... Rave is a work of great rigour [sic] and modernity, in the refined and sensitive voice and conscience of a major poet."—Harvard Review

"Rave adds to the diverse fabric of strong ethnic lesbian literary voices and allows us to see the far-reaching impact of her work thus far."—Jo-Ann Reid, Lesbian Review of Books

"Rave: Poems, 1975-1999 will stand as a unique and indelible contribution to American poetry... [Broumas's] is a generous spirit, whose work is everywhere illumined by its rigorous communion with the world. We patiently await the fruit of the next thirty years."—Adrian Oktenberg, Women's Review of Books

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