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Oracle Figures
Eric Pankey
$14.00 paperback
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Oracle Figures  (paperback)
Eric Pankey

Known for his formally inventive and elegant lyrics, Pankey explores new territory in Oracle Figures, his sixth book. In language that’s deeply satisfying for its precision unpredictable imagination, he takes us on an adventure of mind, asking and answering important questions about human consciousness and the art of making poems.

(also available in hardbound)
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For Oracle Figures, Eric Pankey

“Pankey has become a poet of formidable skill and achievement.” —Verse “Pankey’s voice is elegant, his language as lovely as the images it carries.” —Field “Pankey is masterful when it comes to form, always choosing wisely, carefully, authentically, allowing the subject matter and language to drive his choices. The variety of line and stanza lengths makes for satisfying reading. These poems exhibit a control that is at once sophisticated and natural. Most rewarding—these are poems that demand to be reread.” —New Pages

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