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Where Now
Laura Kasischke
$30.00 hardbound
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Where Now
New and Selected Poems
Laura Kasischke

Laura Kasischke’s long-awaited selected poems, Where Now, presents the breadth of her probing vision that notices then subverts the so-called “normal.” A lover of fairy tales, Kasischke showcases her command of the symbolic, with a keen attention to sound in her exploration of the everyday—whether reflections on loss or the complicated realities of childhood and family. An essential volume.

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For Where Now, Laura Kasischke

“The future will not—should not—see us by one poet alone. But if there is any justice in that future, Kasischke is one of the poets it will choose.” —Stephen Burt, Boston Review

“For Kasischke... poetry is a kind of revenge on the existential limits that it describes”—Los Angeles Review of Books

“Kasischke astonishes with her lyricism and metaphorical power.” —Publishers Weekly

“Kasischke's intelligence is most apparent in her syntactic control and pace, the way she gauges just when to make free verse speed up, or stop short, or slow down.”—The New York Times Sunday Book Review

"Kasischke's poems are powered by a skillful use of imagery and the subtle, ingenious way she turns a phrase."—Austin American-Statesman

“Every poem is exquisitely crafted, with crisp, clean lines and imagery that dazzles.”—The Washington Post

“Luminous, fluid, yet indisputably disciplined...Kasischke offers a breathtaking exploration of the familiar.”—Library Journal

“Her poems are memorable, often funny, always profound. She is a writer to savor and admire.” —Harvard Review 

"She challenges us to consider what we cannot see, explain, or portend… With Kasischke, you never know where you might end up.” Ploughshares

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