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Mars Being Red
Marvin Bell
$15.00 paperback
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Mars Being Red
Marvin Bell

Mars Being Red is the most political book of Marvin Bell's storied career—and one of his most beautiful. Appalled by our government's military aggression and destructive ideologies, he responds with a book willing to risk all, and unlike other "political" books it is not just a screed or rhetorical stomp—it's an atypical book of personal poetry that delivers political goods.




Barnes&Noble Nook Edition

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For Mars Being Red, Marvin Bell

"Mars Being Red forces us to see that our government predilection for military aggression is just as common as our daily routines."—Port Townsend and Jefferson County Leader

"Bell is a furious poet who rages against war; his weapons of mass destruction are his words."—Library Journal

“As grimly demotic as ever...Bell continues to display his familiar virtues: his poems project a consistent voice, direct, laconic, and unsusceptible to illusion.”Publisher’s Weekly

"Bell knows that poetic witness is not mere journalism, knows that it must include the invisible, the often unnoticed, and the visible seen in new ways...[He] understands that it is the interiority of the writer and that of the reader that must meet in the poem."—World Literature Today

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