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Owl of Minerva, The
James Laughlin
$9.00 paperback
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Owl of Minerva, The  (paperback)
James Laughlin

These poems, including those in Laughlin's inimitable "American French," include reveries and meditations, political and social observations, satires and his unique brand of interlingual echoing; they are light without being trivial, serious without growing weighty.

(also available in hardbound)
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For Owl of Minerva, The, James Laughlin

"Whatever the forum, Laughlin's serene, buoyant classicism... allows him to speak most perspicaciously but ever with a smile. Since love is so often the subject here, that is a Midas-like combination: these are golden pages."—Booklist

"At an age advanced enough to be called 'venerable,' Laughlin is one of our youngest poets. What makes him young is his freshness, candor, insouciance and daring... He is a love poet in the tradition of Sappho, Catullus and Cavafy, but without their shadows."—NPR's Performance Today

"Laughlin's poems are the real thing and they reach out with a wild elegance finely fashioned and sure to delight a wide range of readers."—Small Press

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