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Sea and the Bells, The
Pablo Neruda
$14.00 paperback
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Sea and the Bells, The
Translated by William O'Daly
Pablo Neruda

 A complete English translation of Pablo Neruda's El mar y las campanas (The Sea and the Bells) appears in a bilingual edition by noted Neruda translator William O'Daly

Sea salt, foam, ocean waves, the sound of bells carrying over the water, his love for his wife Matilde, the migratory birds and winter rain of southern Chile, the birth in gunfire of his country, the destiny of the Chilean people—all of these passions helped guide Neruda's "flight of spirit" as he composed The Sea and the Bells, pulling "one dream out of another." Longing to retreat from the noisy busyness surrounding him, the Nobel poet permits the rush of waves to carry him into meditative states. These poems, found on the poet's desk at the time of his death, include his final poem, a love song to his wife, Matilde. Facing imminent death, he remarks in the past tense: "It was beautiful to live / When you lived!"

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For Sea and the Bells, The, Pablo Neruda

"In this bilingual collection, the late Nobel laureate establishes immediate intimacy with poems that are at once deeply personal, expansive and universal. Neruda does not embellish but keeps the purity of his emotions intact, lending the verses majestic and understated beauty. The spareness of the language allows greater access to the feeling—Neruda hides nothing."—Publishers Weekly

"One of Neruda's most accessible books... The author investigates his ties to Chile—its people, landscapes, and shores—with language that is simple, not simplistic; with themes that are personal, not obscure... Celebratory, optimistic, joyful, this is not a summary but an introduction to a heretofore unseen Neruda... Highly recommended ."—Booklist

"O'Daly's introduction provides useful comments on the style and language found in these poems, which show that he is an excellent translator as well as a gifted critic."—Choice

"These poems are... haunting and often darkly humorous."—Library Journal

"This volume is highly recommended for anyone who wishes to experience one of the finest works of the Chilean Nobel laureate."—Small Press

"... a beautifully produced bilingual edition... featuring the wonderfully mischievous and passionate poet... at the peak of his powers."—Daily Hampshire Gazette

"O'Daly puts together the intricacies of time through words as carefully as a watchmaker, so words will endure through time."—Elliott Bay Booknotes

"This bilingual edition in Spanish/English is a remarkable edition; Neruda achieves a lyrical simplicity that stuns the reader."—Small Press Review

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