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Truth Squad, The
Dennis Schmitz
$14.00 paperback
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Truth Squad, The
Dennis Schmitz

Dennis Schmitz writes complex, energetic poems that insist on the primacy of the physical world—the world of flesh and bone, desire and death. In this, his seventh book, he suggests, "the truth is all in the pieces," and uses analogy, metaphor, and the juxtaposition of images and ideas to reveal the interconnectedness of our world. "My responsibility as a writer," he says, "is to be true to the particulars. So that they have an existence in themselves." In search of this truth, Schmitz writes poems which explore and reveal a delicious wonderment.

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For Truth Squad, The, Dennis Schmitz

"Schmitz's stature is such as to make us know why we cannot do without poems."—Parnassus

"In this neatly titled volume, a fine poet burnishes his narrative persona, declaring himself one who quests for truth, and finding it in oddity. He adds to his stature as a poet of great intellect rooted in California, but also in industrial Chicago and bib-overall Iowa."—Tom Goff, from a "Reader Response" card

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