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Below Cold Mountain
Joseph Stroud
$14.00 paperback
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Below Cold Mountain
Joseph Stroud

In poems which move from California to India, Spain to the Greek islands, and on to South America and Southeast Asia, Stroud wears his expansive erudition like a comfortable old sweater, slipping from one persona to another, but always with an eye and ear trained on the commonplace, the mundane details that reveal a poetry by which one may live. Setting up a dialectic with the Chinese hermit-poet Cold Mountain (Han Shan), in his poetry Stroud moves from the elegiac to the comic, the fragmentary to the uncommmonly lyrical, offering no easy solutions, no platitudes, while allowing for a clarity of language and a tone of everyday speech through which his poetry can be felt. A staff favorite.

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Featured on Garrison Keillor's Writer's Almanac, Featured in The Washington Post's Poet's Choice

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For Below Cold Mountain, Joseph Stroud

"One of this or any year's best... The volume's crowning achievement is a suite of sixty incandescent six-line poems that illuminate, with the brevity and intensity of the Chinese masters, fugitive moments of the commonplace."—Minneapolis Star Tribune

"One of the finest collections of poems I've read in years—intelligent, sensuous, moving, full of human insight."—Ploughshares

"Almost every poem joins a deeper intuition of the spiritual significance of living with an almost Biblical sense of the sacredness of the body. One feels in this work not an agenda but a disciplined insistence on attention to the world and a belief in its capacity for revelation."—Green River Review

"I don't recall when a poet unknown to me has struck me so deeply. What an achievement. There is a range and amplitude here found among only the very best."—Jim Harrison

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