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Bird of Endless Time, The
James Laughlin
$15.00 hardbound
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Bird of Endless Time, The
James Laughlin

Love poems, satires, and macronics from James Laughlin—a modern Catullus and the founder of the influential publishing house New Directions.

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1992 National Book Foundation medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters, Winner of a Board Award for literary achievement from the National Book Critics Circle

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For Bird of Endless Time, The, James Laughlin

"Laughlin is at his lyrical best when treating human love through a colloquial language skillfully controlled by meter and sound. Readers grounded in the modernist tradition or comfortable with a slight whiff of the museum will enjoy working with the many wonderful poems made by a very accomplished poet."—Library Journal

"Laughlin... has been a force in contemporary poetry for more than five decades, not only as a publisher... but also as a poet in his own right. His latest collection reveals that his voice is as assured and strong, his eye as perceptive and focused, his abilities as various and sharp, as ever... Laughlin combines intelligence and emotion in ways that no other contemporary poet does. A unique but too often unheard voice in US poetry."—Booklist

"[Laughlin's poems] are utterly clear, stained by no muddiness. They are unique."—Robert Fitzgerald

"These exquisitely crafted, rigidly condensed lyrics and prose poems speak gnomically of love and loss, time and death. Laughlin's special gift is to define aftermaths—the moment after making love or after making a discovery about someone, or after reconsidering a familiar truth."—Bookpaper

"This volume makes precise and carefree talk, sufficiently modest, continually pleasing in its gentle conclusive body of feeling.... This poetic art takes the commonplace and bronzes it."—Harvard Book Review

"The Bird of Endless Time reflects the cultured, comfortable, sophisticated world of a man who has read widely, thought deeply, traveled broadly, and loved completely. Like any serious poet, Laughlin sees poetry everywhere... James Laughlin's voice in poetry is clear, clean and honest, and deserves a wide audience."—Louisville Courier-Journal

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