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Wind of Our Going, The
Patricia Goedicke
$8.00 paperback
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Wind of Our Going, The
Patricia Goedicke

Limited quantity available

This generous collection of poems rings with the spirit of a serious and gifted artist. At a time when many poets mumble, Goedicke offers us a poetry rich in sound, in interplay of vowel and consonant, expressed in the rhythms of grief and jubilation, wit and sincerity.

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For Wind of Our Going, The, Patricia Goedicke

"Goedicke's poems are packed with startling images that haunt us because they clarify even the most minute details of human life."—Choice

"Goedicke's vision rises from her trust in the world and produces an energy that tells us we can be as strong as we want to be."—Bloomsbury Review

"Everything Patricia Goedicke looks at sharpens for me and becomes hopeful. She is a believer in our connectedness to the things of this world and to each other. Her language is so crisp and deft... This is a book to hold tight."—Maxine Kumin

"[Goedicke's] poetry blends the sudden and striking insight, the common phrase, the magnetic character, the generosity, the intransigence of one who matters and cares... Her poetry [is] one of the most unique and accomplished before us... If you haven't yet picked up one of her books, make it this one."—Chowder Review

"What an astonishing and moving collection of poems... I lay in bed, completely captivated, reading them until 2 this morning, full of admiration both for depth and honesty and for their profoundly moving insight... Copper Canyon produces such (fittingly) beautiful books."—Michael Blumenthal, Harvard University

"A powerful poet with a distinct voice."—Library Journal

"These are polished, well-crafted poems, the work of a mature and confident writer. They are a mixture of intellect and grit, of ecstasy and grief."—Missoulian

"This is an engaging, vital book."—Small Press Review

"Copper Canyon, now clearly the premier poetry publisher in the Northwest, has designed and produced yet another handsome example of book craft."—Western American Literature

"[Goedicke's] good poems have a hard, truthful ring, like parables of survival."—Hayden Carruth

"Ms. Goedicke has discipline and the nerves of a racing driver. She writes well, with enough vigor to rattle teacups in the next county."—New York Times Book Review

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