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World's End
Pablo Neruda
$15.00 paperback
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World's End
Translated by William O'Daly
Pablo Neruda

This first complete English translation of Pablo Neruda's Fin de mundo (World's End) appears in a bilingual edition by noted Neruda translator William O'Daly.

In this book-length poem, Neruda confronts a grim disillusionment growing inside him as well as the fear that came to haunt the century that promised to end all wars. O'Daly says in his introduction: "Musically refined and thematically orchestrated, [Fin de mundo] is an often startling historical journey through social and political disillusionment. Much like Canto general, his epic of the South American continent, this late work was impelled by the process of clarifying experience in the cold fires of the imagination[,] by the pursuit of common cause and brotherhood."

Throughout his life—and right up until its end—Neruda directly confronted the injustices and tragedies of his world, and he found lasting inspiration in those whose lives intersected with history, in those who faced down their isolation and fear.

World's End is the last of Copper Canyon Press's nine-volume series of Neruda's late and posthumous poetry. Through these best-selling books, translator William O'Daly has been recognized as an insightful caretaker of Neruda's work, and Publisher's Weekly called his efforts "awe-inspiring."

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For World's End, Pablo Neruda

"Pablo Neruda is... the greatest poet of the twentieth century, in any language."—Gabriel García Márquez

"Neruda's lyricism wakes us up, even in the face of death, to the connections we have with our land, inner and outer."—Los Angeles Times Book Review

"This is the first complete English language translation of the late work by Neruda, the greatest of Latin American poets, translated by O'Daly, a specialist in Neruda's late and posthumous work... Highly recommended for poetry and Latin American collections."—Library Journal

"World's End—here translated into English in full for the first time by William O'Daly in a bilingual edition—balances nothing less than the tumult of a century against a lifetime's personal vision... Neruda turned the whole dramatic odyssey of his life into a poem in progress, and O'Daly's work reminds us how astonishing, and grateful, we should continue to be."—Los Angeles Times

"William O'Daly's translation of Pablo Neruda's book-length poem, Fin de mundo, is a veritable poet's companion and guide to the twentieth century. This is Pablo Neruda at his best and most honest... Neruda's poems are a quiet but potent celebration of the resilience of the human spirit."—Sacramento Book Review

"World's End is a treasure-trove of intimate insight, available in its entirety in English for the first time in William O'Daly's careful and precise translation."—Three Percent (Rochester College)

"World's End can be read as a struggle between facing the truth of what humans have wrought and sustaining hope that we can do much better... Whether it's his sense of connection to the natural world, or his enduring belief in the people, Neruda, like Whitman, is a poet who can embody multitudes, and contradictions."—Rain Taxi

"The book is a lovely, facing-page bilingual edition, translated with skill by William O'Daly. World's End, a book length poem sequence, takes readers through Neruda's vision of the twentieth century, a sometimes violent, sometimes despairing journey, but one that closes with hope... World's End is a necessary volume of great artistic merit, and a testament to a life lived with passion and integrity."—Magill Book Reviews

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