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Sleeping Beauty, The
Hayden Carruth
$10.00 paperback
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Sleeping Beauty, The
Hayden Carruth

Hayden Carruth's epic meditation on the nature of Romance draws on the tradition born with the 13th century troubadours, examining that tradition through an enlightened perspective. Praising the initial publication in 1982, Carolyn Kizer wrote, "For twenty years Hayden Carruth has been one of our finest poets, as well as a superb critic of poetry." Now she adds, "The poem is unique in its understanding of  the link between love of woman and love of nature. Those two great contemporary issues, recognition of women, and respect for our fragile world, are bound together in profound unity."

To this revised edition, the poet has added a new canto and clarified others. Our pre-eminent poet of improvisation within form, Carruth's renowned technical genius explores a fifteen-line, approximate pentameter form of the poet's invention, constantly calling in people connected to the letter H, from Hesiod, Homer and Hesse, to Herr Husband, Householder and Handyman, finding resonance in all our comic tragedies, personal or mythic.

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For Sleeping Beauty, The, Hayden Carruth

"By far the richest, most imaginative and most important thing Carruth has written."—Frederick Morgan, founding editor of The Hudson Review

"An ambitious and lyrical work... Working within the structure of the well-known tale, Carruth writes about war, politics, love, and ecology with sweeping imagination and depth of feeling."—Publishers Weekly

"[The Sleeping Beauty] may be one of the best American long poems."—Library Journal

"Carruth's masterpiece."—American Book Review

"The Sleeping Beauty weeps, bleeds, exalts and moves in slow, swaying, beautiful rhythms."—The New York Times Book Review

"Extraordinary not only because he is a beautiful writer, but because it concerns itself with such important 20th century themes as war, communism, women's oppression and ecological issues."—Carolyn Kizer

"Like a kaleidoscope, offering a different image with each glance, these poems advance our understanding of ourselves, each other, and our surroundings."—Elliott Bay Booknotes

"[This] is a moving achievement. These are courageous poems, and deserve to be widely read."—Harvard Book Review

"[This] work is no mere example of courage but of excellence."—Donald Hall

"This volume is a major accomplishment by one of our finest poets."—New American Writing

"The Sleeping Beauty is layered in tiers and swirls like a very good cake."—Parnassus

"A brilliant poetic mosaic of Western cultural-literary history."—Weber Studies

"Copper Canyon is indisputably one of the two or three best publishers of poetry in the country."—Writer's Northwest

"Carruth has fashioned a rich, complex poem on a human scale. It is a tribute to love and to this poet's gifts."—The Nation

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