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Journey to the Lost City
Jonathan Aaron
$14.00 paperback
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Journey to the Lost City
Jonathan Aaron

Taking its title from the cult horror movie classic, Journey to the Lost City, Jonathan Aaron’s third book is a work of appropriately sharp wit, irony and disarming tenderness. Cool, metaphysically quizzical and almost Eastern-European in sensibility, the poems in Journey to the Lost City are savvy, intelligent, personal, and yet reserved; juxtaposing historical persons and places with the immediate, Aaron’s work speaks with an authority that’s wholly American, timeless and intimate.

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For Journey to the Lost City, Jonathan Aaron

“‘I could be five and just waking up from another nightmare,’ says the narrator in ‘The End of Out of the Past.’ ‘Half the world is lying in ruins.’ Such is the archetypal Aaron landscape, where refugees from dreams, film noir, and horror movies discover themselves in oblique narratives of improbability, cruelty, and sinister ordinariness. Aaron keeps his cool as he picks his way among the rubble like his dadaist hero Kurt Schwitters, making new shapes from shattered old ones. Elegant and quietly dangerous, Jonathan Aaron is our best cicerone to a world whose public madness makes the private ones seem sane.”Rosanna Warren

“Nostalgia for the past becomes a kind of twilight zone... The reader finds identity and imagination forever entangled and fused.”

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