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Unremembered Country
Susan Griffin
$9.00 paperback
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Unremembered Country  (paperback)
Susan Griffin

Susan Griffin's voice is spare, even when the poems are composed in long, lush, rhythmic lines. Griffin's poems achieve a clarity which lies beyond the "rational" Cartesian tradition, each fragment rescued from a realm of wider understanding—that "unremembered country" of the soul. For Susan Griffin, poetry is not a passive, cloistered activity, but a fully conscious presence, a consciousness that partakes of the inevitable union of all beings.

(also available in hardbound)
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Griffin named one of "100 Visionaries Who Could Change Your Life" by The Utne Reader

Awarded a silver medal from the Commonwealth Club of California

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For Unremembered Country, Susan Griffin

"By their nature, poems require their speakers to be better than any of us normally are: more aware, more reflective, more intelligent. Reading Susan Griffin's poems, we are revised by them."—Western American Literature

"The depth of voice, the seriousness of content, the variety of form and the development of theme distinguish Unremembered Country as Griffin's finest work to date. It recognizes the voice of the mature poet, committed to her craft and to the world."—San Francisco Chronicle

"No contemporary poet I have recently read has so artfully and intelligently and passionately plead for a re-reading and remembering of our terrifying, violent and often miraculous human history."—Dare

"A delicate, graceful poet alive to the roots of Being."—The Book Reader

"Susan Griffin's poems are exquisitely spare renderings of hyper-consciousness."—Belles Letters

"These are poems worth reading again and again."—Booklist

"Unremembered Country speaks not of the impossible but the possible—of the utter miraculous contingency of choice."—Pages

"These are extremely readable and compelling poems in a strong and passionately caring woman’s voice."—Marge Piercy

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