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Sascha Feinstein
$14.00 paperback
Out of stock
Sascha Feinstein

The inaugural winner of Copper Canyon's Hayden Carruth Emerging Poet Award, this volume dips into the biographies, histories, and sounds of jazz music, using jazz as a metaphor through which to witness personal relationships. Whether writing about John Coltrane or Thelonious Monk (the inspiration for the book's title), Feinstein transcends mere portraiture by emphasizing the meditative and sonorous qualities of jazz music.

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1999 Hayden Carruth Award
A Lannan Literary Selection

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For Misterioso, Sascha Feinstein

"Beginning with a section of jazz paean—'Coltrane, Coltrane'; 'Blues for Zoot'; 'Sonnets for Stan Gage'—and cruising through travels to Siena, Cape Cod, Singapore and Bali (with a section-long stop in Corcovadi), Sascha Feinstein's debut imagines musical people, places and things with clarity and acuity."—Publishers Weekly

"In this moving book, music seems woven into the very DNA of poet Sascha Feinstein....[He] links memory, feeling, autobiography, official history with imagination the same way recording engineers ingeniously mix, shape, and color sound....These walking, talking poems leap to life and burst into flame."—Al Young

"Feinstein's poems are syncopations in time, memory, and the everlasting moment of a sax solo. An impressive, multi-layered debut for an important new series."—The Bloomsbury Review

"With Misterioso, Sascha Feinstein has established himself as a first-rate poet."—American Book Review

"[Feinstein is] a careful, quiet master of verse because nothing is wasted...[Misterioso] is a book to be mined again and again."—Jazz Times

"Sascha Feinstein’s poetry takes you in...He beckons you into mystery, where revelations are to be found...A lyricist, Sascha Feinstein breathes inaudible lyrics into instrumentals...He sculpts with language the tacit beating of the human heart."—Mulberry Poets & Writers [PA]

"Jazz is Feinstein's spine...This stunning riff on jazz and personal a tasty, magic mélange."—North American Review

"Sascha Feinstein's debut, [Misterioso,] imagines musical people, places and things with clarity and acuity."—Publishers Weekly


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