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At Last We Enter Paradise
Richard Jones
$10.00 paperback
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At Last We Enter Paradise
Richard Jones

Richard Jones's second collection is an ambitious, symphonic collection of poems on grief, loss, and human separateness. He develops rhythms of natural conversation and a relaxed tone, adding narrative and a sharp eye for detail, to produce a poetry rich with parable-like, aphoristic wisdom. Jones orders moments of mundane experience to reveal uncommon perception, going beneath the superficial to explore daily epiphanies that might otherwise be overlooked.

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Featured on Garrison Keillor's Writer's Almanac

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For At Last We Enter Paradise, Richard Jones

"A compelling sincerity marks these poems, a poignant grief that captivates the reader without ever becoming sentimental... To read At Last We Enter Paradise is to share in a beautiful and memorable catharsis."—Library Journal

"Jones writes brief, simple poems about isolated incidents while gracefully alluding to the complex relationships underlying them."—Publishers Weekly

"Jones captures the complexity of human relationship in carefully selected detail."—Contemporary Literary Criticism

"Richard Jones'... poetry finds its strength in its deceptive simplicity... The poems resonate and call us back long after the pages have been turned."—Elliott Bay Booknotes

"I am refreshed by Jones' delicacy, compassion, and... purpose."—Poetry

"In At Last We Enter Paradise, Richard Jones recognizes the bridges that connect all of us."—The Virginia Pilot

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