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Longing for the Light, A
Vicente Aleixandre
$18.00 paperback
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Longing for the Light, A
Selected Poems of Vicente Aleixandre, Edited by Lewis Hyde
Vicente Aleixandre

Spanish poet Vicente Aleixandre was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1977. This bilingual volume collects the finest poetry spanning Aleixandre's entire career—from early surrealist work to his complex "dialouges." Introduction and descriptive bibliography by Lewis Hyde.

Spanish Description

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For Longing for the Light, A, Vicente Aleixandre

"Highly recommended."—Independent Publisher

"A Longing for Light remains the only readable collection of Aleixandre's poetry available."—Express Books

"This book shows how Aleixandre struggled with his intense emotions, drew upon surrealism to find a language to express that struggle, and finally emerged with a voice of clarity and control... There is a Whitmanesque expansiveness here, a stepping beyond boundaries… A Longing for the Light offers that rare gift, a view of the heart in all its complexity, with all its struggles and longings."—John Bradley, Bloomsbury Review

"[Vincente Aleixandre] is one of the greatest poets alive and his work stands for endurance, the roots under the tree of consciousness, the slowly growing trunk."—Robert Bly

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