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Ivory Cradle
Anne Marie Macari
$14.00 paperback
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Ivory Cradle  (paperback)
Anne Marie Macari


Winner of the 2000 Honickman First Book Prize. Robert Creeley, who selected Ivory Cradle from over 1200 manuscripts, writes in his introduction: "The wonders here are those of perception, intuition, union, separation—and all the emotions these provoke. Anger, despair, but also joy, love in its flooding recognitions, relief in the world's insistent substance."

(also available in hardbound)
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Winner of the 2000 Honickman First Book Prize

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For Ivory Cradle, Anne Marie Macari


"It can be startling when a voice just emerging is as mature as Macari's in this debut collection... A sharp, honest, and restrained journey to hell and back. This book has a quiet power."—Library Journal

"An expertly crafted collection of reflective, chiaroscuro verse."—Publishers Weekly

"Macari is one of the most surprising and best poets I have read in a long time. This first book reverberates with a dark power few poets achieve in their entire lives."—The Bloomsbury Review

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