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Magpie on the Gallows
Madeline DeFrees
$12.00 hardbound
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Magpie on the Gallows  (hardbound)
Madeline DeFrees

In her follow-up to 1978's When Sky Lets Go, DeFrees writes with a remarkably active imagination and with an energetic intelligence. There is in these poems a depth of feeling only the mature poet can achieve. In a time of poetic brevity and versified prose, it is especially good to have DeFrees to present us with the poetry of generosity, with her rich, emblematic song. Her lines are robust, her imagination amply quick, and there is startling wisdom in her allegorical style.

(also available in paperback)
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For Magpie on the Gallows, Madeline DeFrees

"The worlds these poems create are pointillist: large areas built up out of the precisely focused 'spots' of a ballet dancer's spin. The words they use are checkered, whorled, elegantly real, born out of the plum colored, beetle-lit orchards of a life committed to God and man."—Patricia Goedicke

"Poems like these, with their combination of life and death, craft and art, wisdom and intuition, are rare."—Calyx

"The poetry of Madeline DeFrees shows the steady but difficult progress toward self-realization of a poet."—Woman Poet

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