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Michael Dickman
$16.00 paperback
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Michael Dickman

Winner of the James Laughlin Award

Michael Dickman presents an uncompromising vision of joy and devastating loss in Flies, his second collection. Flies summons the wonder and alienation of childhood through a dreamy and exuberant surrealism, drawing on the paintings of Barnett Newman and the traditional Catholic Stations of the Cross as the poems grapple with the suicide of an older brother. Dickman's work contemplates psychic, spiritual, and physical violence, unswervingly facing abandonment and transformation to arrive at regeneration and grace.




Barnes&Noble Nook Edition

Flies - Michael Dickman

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James Laughlin Award

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For Flies, Michael Dickman

"Hilarity transfiguring all that dread, manic overflow of powerful feeling, zero at the boneFlies renders its desolation with singular invention and focus and figuration: the making of these poems makes them exhilarating."—Michael Ryan, James Laughlin Award citation

"Michael's poems are interior, fragmentary, and austere, often stripped down to single-word lines; they seethe with incipient violence."—The New Yorker

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