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Whether the Goat Is a Metaphor
Jane Miller
Size: 15in. w x 11in. h
Edition: 200
Hand Printed By: New Michigan Press / 2018
Out of stock
Whether the Goat Is a Metaphor
Jane Miller

We go on talking and digging a pit in the earth
to spit-roast kid,
since anyone working in a lively rhythm is not attached
to the story.
In saving her, he saves himself.
It’s getting late.
The story of the boy is that
by drinking water from a hoof he’s turned into a goat.
If we separate magic from life,
we get art. His sister, long story short,
gets thrown into a river with a stone around her neck.
His weeping stirs the neighbors with a silken net
to scoop her out. He turns three somersaults
of joy and lands on two feet as a boy again.
How, in heaven’s name, will dinner be served, and when?
Separate art from life, we get nothing.
We go on talking and digging.
I’ve got a million and ten things to do.
Of the multitude of things, it is emptiness
that’s necessary now, now that you’ve had time
to wash and dress. As a form
of enlightenment, the most unsuspecting guest
is your enemy in armor, or invisible,
who will clap you on the back
when you choke on a bone at the banquet.


Broadsides generously donated by Ander Monson (designer) and New Michigan Press.

Not for individual sale; the first fifty people to buy Jane Miller's Who Is Trixie the Trasher? And Other Questions will receive a free copy of this broadside with their purchase starting September 11, 2018 while supplies last.

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