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Six Kinds of Gratitude
Dan Gerber
Size: 6.5in. w x 13in. h
Edition: 200
Hand Printed By: Daniel Urban, Urban Editions / 2007
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Six Kinds of Gratitude
Dan Gerber

I’m someone’s small boat,
far out at sea,
sailing from what has so long sustained me
toward what I don’t know.

My joy is the sound
of the water purling around me,
but is it my hull
or the great ocean moving? 

Are those flies I hear, or a trick of the wind,
faintly human voices,
or a whistle of breath
in the nose of my sleeping dog?

Without me there is no confusion.
Buddhas see no difference between
themselves and others; Angels,
between the living and the dead. 

At last I’ve discovered
the secret of life:
If you don’t leave
you can’t come back.

Deep in the Earth there are pockets of light
that did not come from Heaven,
and yet they are the light of Heaven
deep inside the Earth.

This bird is the birdness of a bird.

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