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Her Song
Hayden Carruth
Size: 9.75in. w x 13.5in. h
Edition: 300
Hand Printed By: Sam Hamill, Nellie Bridge, Amy Schaus / 2001
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Her Song
Hayden Carruth

She sings the blues in a voice that is partly
Irish. But "music is international." Singing
With her blue eyes open, her auburn hair
Flung back, yes, searching a distant horizon
For a sometime beacon or the first glimmer
Of sunrise. She sings in the dark. Only her own light
Illuminates her, although in the shadows
Are dim shapes, motionless, known to be
The tormented--in the bogs of Ireland, in
The bayous of Louisiana, relics of thousands
Upon thousands who suffered unimaginably
In ancient times. And in her husky contralto
They are suffering still. Knowingly she sings.
Music is anthropological. This is a burden,
For in her song no one can be redeemed.

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