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Roundel on a Sonnet by Marilyn Hacker
Kathleene West
Size: 10in. w x 11in. h
Edition: 8
Hand Printed By: Copper Canyon Press / 1977
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Roundel on a Sonnet by Marilyn Hacker
Kathleene West

We need more boozy women poets,

I read. The whiskey blurs, confuses me near enough to accepting it, 

but first--we need more booze.


And then, define the crucial word. To booze:

drinking to excess, and there we've set 

the standard to join our Muse 

of bourbon-in-hand women poets, reciting sonnets 


in colorful bars, and not just sonnets, 

but bawdy patoums and tough lyrics--to lose 

'poetess' forever, but Hell--we don't need more poets 

of any kind. We need more booze. 

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