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Pont des Arts
Rebecca L. Wee
Size: 7.5in. w x 11in. h
Edition: 300
Hand Printed By: Sam Hamill, Nellie Bridge, Amy Schaus / 2001
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Pont des Arts
Rebecca L. Wee

She's bent in a posture of anguish or prayer
in a spot of city filth.

Head down, a stained knit cap
with its few coins on the ground beside her,
and her pliant child, a shadow.

Someone veers past with a friend
in a clamor of rings and scarves. A pretty child
skips after them, scattering pigeons.
The mothers miss how their daughters' eyes catch then--
the wary, openmouthed stares.

A terrible knowledge passes between them,
the bridge rippling under their feet

as the polished child rushes past but looks back
at the one on the bridge in the heat--

the sunblown silent one
whose hand has pulled back and flown up to smooth,
for a moment, her heavy hair.

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