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Highlights of the Reading Period

Fall 2012-Spring 2013


Although we did not accept manuscripts by the following poets in this reading period, we are particularly intrigued, challenged, and excited by their work. All the poems here have been published previously, at a range of literary journals and magazines, including some of the most prestigious in the country. We post this list to provide examples of the kinds of daring and euphonious poetry that impressed our editorial staff—all these manuscripts were on our short list for publication. We thank these exceptional writers for sharing their work with us, and we celebrate the caliber of writing Copper Canyon Press is fortunate enough to review each season.

Lillian Bertram, A Slice from a Cake Made of Air

“Dialogical Repose in Which I am the Magician’s Most Trusted Girl” published in Abjective:


Mario Chard, Distocia

“We Make a Thing We Marvel” published in Boston Review:


Lisa Fay Coutley, Errata

“Elegy for a Skinwalker” published in Boxcar Poetry Review:


Leslie Harrison, Days and Hours

“Because in all your life you’ve lived” published in West Branch Wired (Bucknell University):


Chloe Honum, The Tulip-Flame

“Spring” published in Poetry and Best New Poets 2010:


Matthew Nienow, The Making Bone

“Ode to the Steam Box” published in Poetry:


Oliver de la Paz, Post-Subject

“Dear Empire, (These are your dead)” published in The Asian American Literary Review and Verse Daily:


Sam Ross, At Night Not Knowing Where

“Time Expanding the Air Forcibly” published in Hunger Mountain:


Solmaz Sharif, Look

“Personal Effects” published in The Kenyon Review—not available online, but written up by David Baker here:


Orlando White, Letterrs

“c” and “Finis” published in Omnidawn Publishing Blog:


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