Dear Reader,

I believe poetry has a crucial role to play in our lives, society, and the world. It is an essential language and helps us slow down, see clearly, feel deeply, and envision what truly matters. A good poem communicates viscerally in the body before it’s fully understood in the mind, and, in that experience, complexities of feeling and thought can sometimes only be conveyed through poetry.

That’s why, when I was awarded the 2019 National Book Award, I thanked my publishers at Copper Canyon Press. They have been dedicated to poetry for nearly fifty years—surviving the storms of the market and political climate as an independent publisher, decade after decade—and they continue to thrive, thanks to people like you.

It was a tremendous honor to accept this award for my collection, Sight Lines, after a lifetime of writing. That said, I am far from alone on this path. I’m grateful to be engaged in this vital creative endeavor with the team at Copper Canyon, and honored to be a donor in support of their visionary work—and the work of my pressmates, past, present, and future.

I hope you will join me in making a gift to Copper Canyon Press today. Your gift will enable the Press to acquire extraordinary books by young and emerging poets in 2020—at a moment when we need to hear the voices of the future.

Thank you.

Arthur Sze, author of Sight Lines

P.S. Your generosity will help launch the careers of tomorrow’s award-winning poets—the next Ocean Vuong, Javier Zamora, Natalie Diaz, Camille Rankine, or Jericho Brown. In thanks, when you make a gift of $100 or more the Press will send you a special hardbound copy of my book Sight Lines with the National Book Award medallion on the cover, exclusively available to patrons of Copper Canyon. Thank you!