Read Generously for Racial Equity

This holiday season, Copper Canyon Press invites you to Read Generously for Racial Equity. When you make a donation on this page, your gift will give back three-fold:

  • We will be delighted to send 1, 2, or 3 poetry books to you or your gift-recipient. Share the gift of poetry with someone you love! 
  • Your gift will provide vital support for Copper Canyon Press, a nonprofit, independent publisher. 
  • All funds raised on this page will be dedicated to Copper Canyon’s ongoing efforts towards greater equity and inclusion in the field of publishing.

How do I read generously?

Choose your giving level and receive:

  • One book for donations of $35+
  • Two books for donations of $60+
  • Three books for donations of $75+, including custom amounts. Larger gifts are welcome; thank you for giving at a level that is meaningful to you. 

Type the titles of the book(s) you want to give into the form on this page. You will find a giving guide below to help you make your selection.

Please make your gift by December 9th if you are hoping for delivery by December 24th. As we cannot guarantee delivery dates, we will provide a digital card for you to print or forward by email, to tell your loved one: Wonderful poetry is on its way, and I’ve donated on your behalf to support racial equity efforts at Copper Canyon Press.

Which poetry books make the best gifts?

Here are a few staff recommendations to help you find the right book:

If Your Loved One is New To Poetry:  

To Celebrate Our Most Recent Award-Winners:

To Explore Social Justice Themes:

If Your Gift Recipient Wants a Laugh with their Poetry:

A Few of Our Perennial Bestsellers:

What does my donation support?

Read Generously invites readers to support our poetry program. Since June 2020, the Press has dedicated 100% of Read Generously proceeds to racial equity initiatives. As our first step, we raised nearly $6,000 for the national organization Black Lives Matter, in affirmation of Black lives and in condemnation of the murder of Black Americans at the hands of police. This fall and winter we have shifted the focus of Read Generously to support racial justice initiatives at Copper Canyon Press and in the field of publishing. 

The staff and board at Copper Canyon Press are developing and implementing a work plan that directly addresses racial inequities in publishing. We seek to build a foundation from which we can model the proactive, intentional, and long-overdue work of dismantling white supremacy in our field and within our own house. We will share more about this process, and our resulting commitments, in the coming months. If you are inspired to support this work while giving extraordinary poetry, we invite you to read generously. We welcome comments or questions at

Thank you!