Read Generously for Racial Equity

Read Generously gives readers an opportunity to support the poetry program at Copper Canyon Press.

Beginning June 2020, 100% of Read Generously proceeds will go to Black Lives Matter, in affirmation of Black lives and in condemnation of the murder of Black Americans at the hands of police. In gratitude for your generosity, we will send you a Copper Canyon Press poetry book of your choosing. Our initial goal is to raise $5,000 for racial justice. 

How do I “Read Generously”?

Simply make a gift using the donation form on this page. We will be delighted to send a published Copper Canyon Press book to those who give $35 or more to support those on the frontlines of racial justice work. 

What happens next?

After we reach our $5,000 goal for Black Lives Matter, contributions to the Read Generously program will help sustain concrete efforts towards equity and inclusion at Copper Canyon Press and in the field of publishing. We are developing a program that directly addresses racial inequities in publishing, specifically as it manifests at Copper Canyon, and we seek to build a foundation from which we can model the proactive, intentional, and long-overdue work of dismantling white supremacy in our field and within our own house. We will share more about this process, and our resulting commitments, in the coming months. 

Comments or questions? Please send your message to