44 Poems for You

Sarah Ruhl

Playwright and essayist Sarah Ruhl began by writing poems. The two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist returns to poetry with her playful, warm debut collection, 44 Poems for You. As the title promises, these are poems of direct address. Including the reader in the concept of “you”—you the beloved, spouse, friend, you wherever you might be—Ruhl answers our collective longing for direct connection in an era of digital anonymity. With great affection for language and the nuances of human relationships, 44 Poems for You delivers poetic musings with characteristic emotional intelligence: witty, generous, loving, and tinged with longing.

Listen to Sarah Ruhl read “Summer, Rhode Island” from 44 Poems for You:


ISBN: 9781556595844

Format: Paperback

About the Author

Sarah Ruhl is a playwright, essayist and poet. She is a MacArthur “Genius” Award recipient, two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist, and a Tony Award nominee. Her book of essays, 100 Essays I Don’t Have Time to Write, was published by FSG and named a notable book by The New York Times. Her book Letters from Max, co-authored with Max Ritvo and published by Milkweed Editions, was on the The New Yorker’s Best Poetry of the Year list. Her plays include For …

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“A remarkable expansion of Ruhl’s oeuvre.” —Booklist

“Passionate. Show-stopping. Daringly over-the-top and impressively consistent in its delirious excess.” ―New Haven Advocate

“Ruhl has found the time to ask the right questions; it’s up to us to make time to think about her―and our―answers.” ―New York Times

“Touching, inventive, invigoratingly compact, and luminously liquid…” ―San Francisco Chronicle

“Sarah Ruhl is her usual unfailingly elegant, unbeatably witty self, cleverly braiding her own brand-name wit with Woolf’s.” ―New York Magazine

“In bold, incisive strokes, she advocates for the creation of art that captures the “humor and the desperation of life,” and for the observation that the tiniest details, in the hope that smallness can ‘wreak transformation at the most vulnerable, cellular level… in order to banish the goliath of loneliness.’” ―Publishers Weekly