Eventually One Dreams the Real Thing

Marianne Boruch

Eventually One Dreams the Real Thing, Marianne Boruch’s ninth collection of poetry, contains within it a deep and fatal irony paired with irrepressible wonder. This is a book of wars and plague; of gargoyles, Gregorian chants, and Galileo; of reading in bed and a bat loose in the house; of hurricanes, mermaids, and a vicious schoolteacher; of grief and “life-glad.” Unafraid to think out loud and follow an image to whatever curious, dangerous destination, Boruch never fails to disquiet and delight.

ISBN: 9781556594915

Format: Paperback

About the Author

Marianne Boruch’s nine previous collections include Eventually One Dreams the Real Thing (2016), Cadaver, Speak (2014), The Book of Hours (2011), a Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award winner. She has also published a memoir, The Glimpse Traveler (Indiana, 2011) and three books of essays–In the Blue Pharmacy (Trinity, 2005) and in the Michigan Poets on Poetry series, Poetry’s Old Air (1995) and The Little Death of Self (2016). Her works have appeared in The American Poetry Review, London Review of Books, …

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