fungus skull eye wing: Selected Poems of Alfonso D'Aquino

Alfonso D’Aquino, Forrest Gander, trans.

fungus skull eye wing is a book of shifting subjectivity and liquid perspective, of surrealist tradition and Butoh-like gestures. The text flirts with the margins of the “rational,” perception, and the subjective mind. The speaker morphs into what he observes; speech comes alive while a plant becomes speech. Impeccably translated from Spanish by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Forrest Gander in a bilingual edition.

ISBN: 9781556594472

Format: Paperback

About the Author

Alfonso D’Aquino was raised by his grandmother in an old house attached to a colonial convent in Coyoacán, Mexico. Books were his best friends from an early age. Often solitary, he spent many afternoons at a small aquarium in the nearby town of San Ángel, fascinated then (as now) by the nonhuman world. D’Aquino makes his living as an editor, is the author and editor of several books for children, and teaches a “Poetry and Silence” workshop that, over ten …

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About the Translator

Forrest Gander was born in the Mojave Desert and grew up in Virginia. He is a writer and translator with degrees in geology and English literature. Among his recent books are Be With, winner of the 2019 Pulitzer Prize, and Core Samples from the World, a Pulitzer and National Book Critics Circle Award finalist. His translations include Then Come Back: The Lost Neruda; Fungus Skull Eye Wing: Selected Poems of Alfonso D’Aquino; and Pinholes in the Night: Essential Poems from …

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