Moment to Moment

David Budbill

Alternating between the loveable irascibility and self-mocking humor reminiscent of the poet Cold Mountain (Han Shan), Budbill’s poems view the modern world from the viewpoint of a New England hermit-scholar. Remarkable for their generous spirit, accessibility and biting criticism, these poems present a poet of strong mind and voice.

ISBN: 9781556591334

Format: Paperback

About the Author

David Budbill (1940–2016) was born in Cleveland, Ohio, to a streetcar driver and a minister’s daughter. He was the author of nine books of poems, nine plays, a novel, a collection of short stories, a picture book for children, and dozens of essays, introductions, speeches, and book reviews. He also produced two CDs, Zen Mountains/Zen Streets and Songs for a Suffering World with The Judevine Mountain Trio. His poems appeared regularly on The Writer’s Almanac. His prizes and honors included …

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“Budbill both informs and moves. He is, in short, a delight and a comfort.” —Wendell Berry

“Budbill writes out of the real, contemporary New England, not from the past, not from the cellar holes. He speaks from the New England which is Appalachia—poverty, exploitation, and good people.” —Donald Hall

“Judevine Mountain can be hilarious, as when he gripes, ‘What good is my humility / when I am / stuck / in this obscurity?’ Other poems strike more Han-Shan-like notes by appreciating the beauties of solitude in nature, the consolations of art and poetry, the joy of friendship with occasional visitors (including a woman!), and the bittersweetness of life’s brevity.” —Booklist, starred review

“Quiet yet piercing. I almost cried a couple times. I will buy this book again, for others.” —Timothy Dieterle, from a “Reader Response” card

“Thank you for making this small gem available to the public. It is good to know that the tradition of the Chinese mountain recluse has found a voice in America.” —William McGuire, from a “Reader Response” card